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Bump Boxes

So happy to have been featured in the special edition Labor Day box from Bump Boxes! Be sure to have all of your essentials for labor & delivery including your mesh undies.

Little Hoboken Blog

So excited for the #notsponsored #justawesome shout-out in Little Hoboken Blog! Being a part of the local community and working with so many other amazing mompreneurs is near and dear to my ❤️

Baby Gear Lab

Recently featured in Baby Gear Lab:

Disposable Panties — You may be able to take a small supply of these home with you from the hospital. However, as lochia occurs for some time, it is nice to have on hand this 5-pack of Althea & Anesi Brief Transitions. These are comfortable seamless, disposable yet washable panties for postpartum use so you don’t have to roll the dice with your nice knickers.